Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Vacation Thus Far...

Well, our vacation definitely started off with a bang. I woke up an hour later than I needed to the day Avery and I were flying to MI. Thankfully, I still got it all together and we were out the door only 7 minutes later than I originally planned. Only to get down the road from our house and realize that I left the stroller in the Explorer. No problem, we would just turn around and go back and get it right? Easier said than done, I had closed the door to our house and didn't have any keys. Not to the house not to the Explorer. So we called our friend Zak who is a tow truck driver and thankfully he lives just 5 minutes from our house. So he came and broke into the Explorer so I could get the stroller. Then we were off to the airport now 30 minutes later than originally planned. I got to the airport an hour before my flight was supposed to leave so things were kinda stressful. We got to the airport and I can honestly say that I have never seen the check-in line that long in my life. Thankfully we quickly did curbside check and breezed through security because I had Avery we could go through the "family" line. Otherwise we would have been waiting in line for a long time there too. We made it to our gate just as they were boarding first class passengers. Perfect timing right? At least, as stressful as it was we didn't have to wait in the airport for several hours before our plane took off.

Avery did really well on the plane with only one 5 minute meltdown because she had to wait for the beverage cart to bring her some juice. She had a couple restless moments, but not bad at all. When we took off she said, "Weeeee". She loved it! And when we were descending she pressed her nose up against the glass and loved looking at all the fluffy clouds, she kept saying, "Wow and coooool." Then she was falling asleep with her nose still pressed up against the window. I pulled her away from the window and she dozed on me for the rest of the flight and when we landed. When we landed and everybody was up getting their stuff, she stood up on the seat and waived to everyone and said, "bye, bye!". Everyone though that was hilarious. I just have to say thank God for Benadryl!

So far it's been a great trip. We miss daddy because he had to fly back on Monday, but he'll be back out in 3 weeks. Today we went to the fair. She had a blast petting all the animals and was even kind enough to share her goldfish with them. She also went on her first carousel. She loved that too, she kept saying "weee!". Tomorrow is play day at Chad and Amber's and then Thursday we're spending the afternoon with a friend in Grand Rapids. So far our vacation is going well! Sorry this is so long!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Avery's First Swing Set

Today Steve went and got Avery a swing set! He found it for free on our news channel's classifieds. Other than some rusting and fading it is in great shape! Some of the stuff is still a little big for her yet, but at least she'll have something she won't outgrow right away! We are going to get a baby swing for her, but today she used the big kid swing and didn't have any problems. She fell off a couple times, but she just got right back on. We sat outside and let her swing for about a half-hour to forty-five minutes, and she was still not tired of swinging! I'd have to say this was definitely a good purchase considering it was free!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July

Wow, what a weekend! Our weekend started out at our friend's Tammy and Rik's house with a BBQ and fireworks. They have the best view of the fireworks right in the front yard! Avery was a little uncertain about the fireworks at first, every once in awhile she would put her blanky over her face, but then she liked them and kept saying "Ooohh!!!". She did so well with not being scared and with staying up late! While we were there Avery got to ride one of their horses. She was not scared of them at all! She pet the horses and even stuck her fingers in their nose! She really loved riding the horse though. She really has no fear!

Then today our church had service and a picnic up in the mountains. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful view! After lunch we took the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. We were a little worried about how well Avery would do, but once we got on she was in a trance. The ride made us all feel very relaxed! At the top we had a beautiful view! We had to wait an hour to go back down so Avery and daddy played. Avery loved exploring. She saw a huge bee, a caterpillar and lots of other fun stuff! And when we got to our car Avery fell asleep not even 5 minutes into our drive home. We had a great drive down the canyon too, our God is so awesome!

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July, we can't wait to see everyone soon!

Our little sparkler!!!

Riding the chair lift with daddy

Having fun with dad!

The view from the lift, amazing!

All tuckered out!