Friday, November 14, 2008

New Kitty Update

So just wanted to give an update on the new kitty. We've decided to keep the cat, so long as all the cats get along. It'll take time, but I'm sure they'll grow to like each other. If not my mom (Heather's mom) said she'd take the cat back home with her in January when she comes to visit. We're hoping though that everything works out so we can keep it. I took the cat to the vet on Tuesday. Both of his eyes are infected so they gave me an eye ointment for that and they did a worm treatment "just in case". In two weeks we go back in for immunizations. So for right now he has to be quarantined from our other cats. We've decided to name it Orange Kitty, because Orange just sounds dumb. So, hello Orange Kitty.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homeless Kitty

Yesterday around noon I was home for lunch and I heard a faint meow coming from outside. I thought it was our cats, but when I looked out the window I saw a small white kitten crawling in the gutter across the street. Heather told me to run get it so it wouldn't get run over. I ran out the front door barefoot and grabbed the kitten out of the road. It's been cold and rainy here, and it was dirty and wet. We fed it and have tried to clean it up. It's a boy kitten and a tabby, I think. So now comes the ultimate question: What in the world are we going to do with this cat? Heather and I have talked about keeping it, but we do have two cats already. I don't want to be the weird cat people. But I'm afraid that if we give it to a shelter that they will put it to sleep because the shelters here are quite full. Let us know what you think.